Lasting posting dates


Posted by Sarah McLaughlin

Christmas seems to be fast approaching, some of our Customers have been sending out festive messages for a a few weeks now! So, for those who like to be organised, here are the Royal Mail’s last posting dates to use as a guide for your shopping...

Africa and the Middle East - Please order by noon on Wednesday 2nd December for dispatch on 3rd December

Asia, Cyprus, Far East, Eastern Europe (except Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia) Caribbean, Central and South America - Please order by Sunday 6th December for dispatch on 7th December

Australia, Greece, New Zealand - Please order by Wednesday 9th December for dispatch on 10th December

Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland - Please order by Sunday 13th December for dispatch on 14th December

Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA - Please order by Monday 14th December for dispatch on 15th December

Austria, Iceland, Ireland, Portugal, Spain - Please order by Tuesday 15th December for dispatch on 16th December

France - Please order by Wednesday 16th December for dispatch on 17th December

Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland - Please order by Thursday 17th December for dispatch on 18th December

United Kingdom, First class - Please order by Sunday 20th December for dispatch on Monday 21st December

United Kingdom, Special delivery (this service will be an additional £5 postage) - Please order by Wednesday 23rd December no later than 11am for dispatch on the same day. 
To use this service, please call 01462 339011