How much wallpaper do I need?


For best results, we would advise that the wallpaper is professionally hung, particularly for unusual shaped spaces. Your Decorator will be able measure up, calculate the trimming/pattern matching and advise on the number of rolls to purchase.

Most of our designs work on a 53cm straight repeat apart from our 'London Type' wallpaper which is a half drop.

If you're going solo, there are plenty of helpful wallpaper calculators available online where you enter in your measurements, press the magic button and it tells you the number of rolls required. 

Or if you prefer the old-fashioned way, we've put together a step by step guide to help you calculate the quantity of rolls for your project:

Our wallpaper rolls are 0.52m wide x 10m long. 

As a rule of thumb, first measure the total width of the area you wish to cover in metres, including doors and windows. If you divide this by 0.52 it gives you the number of widths needed i.e. 5m wide divided by 0.52 = 9.6, you always round up so that is 10 widths.

Now the height of the area for covering. Measure the height (in metres) and multiply by the number of widths i.e. 2.5m height x 10 widths = 25m. This gives you the total length of wallpaper needed.

Now divide the total length by 10m which is our standard roll size i.e. 25m divide by 10m roll length = 2.5 rolls

Finally, you need to allow for trimming and pattern matching the repeats. We would recommend 15-20% to cover this, so we multiple the rolls by 20% i.e. 2.5 rolls x 1.2 = 3 rolls. 

It is always a good idea buy an extra roll just in case. We're happy to refund any unopened rolls within 28 days, but you may find it handy to keep hold of it just in case the cat decides to sharpen her claws on the wall one day! Wallpaper is printed in batches of rolls, while every effort is made to colour match across batches this isn't guaranteed. If an accident happens it could be helpful to have the same batch number to hand.

As always, if you have any questions or just need some help with the sums, please email or call 01462 339011 and we'll be happy to help.