New Stockist: Paul Smith + Albemarle Street Store

Chuffed to have Paul Smith as one of our new Stockists, exciting times.

Check out his new Albemarle Street store front by 6a Architects. It's a real gem. Precise and beautifully crafted as you'd expect and also nominated for the Design Museum Awards which launch later this month. 

According to the team at 6a... the idea builds on a familiar material tradition in London. Cast iron forms an understated background to the city’s streets; its railings, gratings, balconies, and lamp posts. Pauls brief was an eclectic collection of references, images, textures and traditions, encompassing military medals, woven hats and finely drawn gold ingots alongside sharp tailoring, the soft fall of cloth, craftsmanship and delight in surprise.

Mmm... perfection.