The very first Bold & Noble studio was in our home, with us working evenings around our kitchen table while our baby slept. As we grew, we rented studios in and around Hitchin, Hertfordshire, the market town we call home.

Then in the summer of 2018, when all we had to worry about was England’s progression through the World Cup, we spotted a 1950s bungalow for sale near our home with glorious views over the surrounding countryside. We saw the potential to extend and build a home studio that could house our ever-expanding product ranges and return us full circle to working from home.

We took a leap of faith and sold the house we’d worked hard to stamp our mark on, where our kids were happy and settled, and moved into the bungalow. The sale and purchase went so smoothly it was as if fate wanted us to move...despite a few moments of us all wondering what on earth we were taking on!

The first nine months were tough with no bath, a leaky toilet and even a family trip to A&E when the boiler was condemned due to carbon monoxide emissions. Eek. Thankfully, better times followed and the build kicked off with K&M Carpentry at the helm. They were a total dream team and pulled out all the stops for us to move in just in time to see in the new year of 2020.

We love having our home and studio side-by-side, even if it means the kids are forever nicking our supplies. Take a look at some of the incredible before and after shots, the snaps we took along the way and some pics of us working now in our studio.

Some snaps of the process...

Stripping the roof back

Wall and rood demolition 

Making the new first floor

Front elevation

Rear elevation



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