From start to finish, we use traditional methods to create our products, keeping things as green as we can. We work as local as possible too, with all our collaborators based in England. We love to meet the printers and try out colours and materials, tinkering until we’re happy to press the big green button.

Our prints
All our prints are silk screen printed near us in Hertfordshire using a traditional method that results in unsurpassed ink density with superb results. Our inks are hand-mixed then the print is pulled onto off-white, recycled card made of 100% de-inked post-consumer waste. This means we can ensure a genuine recycling process with landfill waste kept to a minimum.

Our tea towels
Printed, stitched and packed in Lincolnshire, we use water-based inks on our 100% cotton tea towels. We pack them in acid-free tissue and send them on their way in poly bags that compost within 18 months.

Our wallpaper
Printed in one of the UK’s last surviving paper mills, in Lancashire, our wallpapers use non-toxic water-based inks and flexographic rollers onto PEFC certified papers. This means our paper manufacture promotes the sustainable management of forests.

Our ceramics
We’re proud to collaborate with a small family-run business who hand decorate our fine china mugs. They’re based in Stoke-on-Trent, an area with a rich creative history, shaped by the production of ceramics for centuries.

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